Coping with competing water claims in the Incomati Basin through Interactive Science (WIBIS)

Incomati Basin (Mozambique, South Africa)
Alterra, LEI

This project aimed at supporting inter-sector and inter-state policy development and sustainable use of the Incomati basin water through building capacity with respect to water valuation and innovative water monitoring. In order to be able to assess the implications of water reallocations among activities, sectors and states (i.e. for making trade-offs) insight is required in the relationship between land- and water use and benefits that water generates for land use activities in the Basin, main sectors in the Basin and the various states. A discussion support tool was developed and tested to assess the implications of water reallocation policies on different stakeholders. WaterWatch provided actual water consumption and biomass production maps of the Incomati basin using SEBAL for a dry year (2002-03), a wet year (2005-06) and an average year (2003-04).