Tuesday 13. of December 2011

Sugarcane farmers in South Africa zoom in on their fields

The website is now online. This website is a component of a project that wants to address the need in South Africa for information on the water efficiency of irrigated crops.

Wednesday 07. of December 2011

Launch of Smart ICT Africa website

The website has been launched today, as part of the Smart ICT for Weather and Water information and Advice to Smallholders in Africa project. The website shows historic examples of information...

Monday 24. of October 2011

David Zetland and Wim Bastiaanssen chatting on solutions to water scarcity

David Zetland is a senior water economist at Wageningen University with a blog called Aguanomics. In April 2011 David and Wim talked about how satellite technology with analytical algorithms can be used in water management to...

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WaterWatch: an eLEAF company







Pixel intelligence mapping for quantifying water management

WaterWatch is an advisory firm that operates in the transition area between remote sensing science and operational applications. We produce spatially discrete information on hydrological processes and water management issues at scales ranging from single fields up to river basins. WaterWatch also maps crop production and related agricultural information. Remote sensing algorithms are continuously updated while new ones are being developed. We are active worldwide, and have completed projects in over 30 countries.  

Keywords: water consumption, water availability, crop yield, water productivity, water accounting, water management strategies, water stress, water use verification, droughts.